Zoom Art Café & Photo Studio

Photo Tour Belgrade was looking for a cool place for all of us enthusiasts willing to spend our day behind the camera. Not only does Zoom offer a great variety of refreshments that can serve you well after a long day of taking photos, but also behind the industrially refurbished interior there’s a vast studio waiting for you to explore it while enhancing your photography skills.

Café for your daily coffee or a night cocktail, gallery and a big photo studio. Yes, you heard it right, and it functions perfectly.

Zoom is situated in Donji Dorćol, a neighborhood where you may find many “off the touristic route” places like: Dorćol Platz – bar, gallery and exhibition hall, Holesterol restaurant, Pržionica coffee shop and Šarlo bakery, all situated in former industrial storages and garages. To get an impression of the area vibe, take a look at the community Facebook page of Donji Dorćol.

Opposite to these cool spots there’s Zoom Art Café & Photo Studio, 250 m2 studio, gallery and café, an excellent idea realized by four photographers from Sankt Petersburg, who came to Belgrade and joined their passion for photography.

Visit zoomstudio.rs

You can rent a studio and use it by hourly made prices or ask them to do the photo shooting for you. They offer various professional photo services: from model, fashion and beauty toward commercial, food and advertising related photo shootings.


You don’t have a camera? That’s not a problem because they offer all the necessary equipment and possibility of booking an assistant. They are always open for consultancy services and happy to help you with development of your ideas. The list of the equipment included in the price of studio rental is on their website.

Zoom isn’t just a place for professionals and admirers in the field of photography but a great bar too, where you may try local craft beer or find an interesting list of cocktails. A good coffee is a prerequisite for enduring the long hours in the studio but also a delightful escape for coffee lovers, so sip your espresso and explore many photo albums spread around the place or decide to take the stairs and enter their gallery.

For all the further details we suggest that you visit their page or directly Zoom Art Café & Photo Studio and let then be amazed.

*** Photos taken from https://www.facebook.com/pg/zoomstudio.rs/photos/

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